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Megatrend: Urbanisation

ProCargo CT1

The cargo cycle as an extension of the business fleet

The ProCargo CT1 is a clever extension of the business fleet. For example the ProCargo CT1 would be the perfect feeder vehicle in the final delivery chain in the area of logistics for parcels and letter deliveries as well as express-services. The cargo cycle is the intelligent mobility form in a star shaped organised delivery chain of hub and spoke systems: quick, agile, and with the load capacity of a small van.

The systematics of a star shaped logistics system with central transshipment points and warehouses, is conceivable in the future, not only for the CEP branch, but also for all service providers in urban areas over time. A requirement that Sortimo already enables today as a trend setter.


The cargo cycle as an extension of the business fleet

Quiet and emission free through the city

Safety and Driving comfort

  • Safe driving behaviour in every season
  • Remains upright without bike stand
  • Stable even at the slowest driving speeds
  • Problem free starting
  • Supporting electronic motor
  • Optional extension of range with second rechargeable battery
  • Stabile behaviour in curves

No problem.

  • Tare weight Cargo Cycle 40 kg
  • Load capacity 160 kg
  • Permissible total weight 280 kg

Freedom guaranteed

  • No registration necessary
  • No drivers license necessary
  • No limitations for parking
  • No parking tickets

Megatrend: Mobility


Ergonomic Transport aid

Sortimo has developed a tool rucksack suitable for service and service provider companies in the city, which markedly facilitates the transport of all consumables that a service technician requires, whether climbing up stairs or on the ProCargo CT1.

The interior can hold the contents of an L-BOXX and an i-BOXX. Furthermore, it has additional space for extra tools and devices. For this reason the MultiPack is the perfect companion for all tradesmen who work in the city or on large building sites and have to be extremely mobile. We benefit from the unique know-how in the area of rucksacks and carrying systems by cooperating with Deuter Sport GmbH. The well-thought out carrier system thereby enables you to effortlessly carry 18 kg of weight, over longer periods of time.

Even more mobile
during your workday

Nahtlose Integration
In alle Sortimo Fahrzeuge!


Our mobile security administrator takes good care of all of your valuables: the Safe RFID

  • dimensions (WxLxH): 380 x 330 x 150 mm
  • seamless integration into all Sortimo van racking systems
  • intelligent RFID locking feature


The new and flexible roof rack system

The well-tried roof rack TopSystem has been re-launched and can now be installed more Easily and faster while increasing the efficiency. The modular structure of the TopSystem and the newly developed accessories enable you to flexibly expand the roof rack at any time according to your personal requirements. The integrated lashing rails, which facilitate professional load securing at all times, make the new roof rack exceptionally functional.

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Individually adjustable To your vehicle


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